Purandara has been serving the Printing industry for 3 decades now. In this thrilling journey, we have been with our printer clients each step of the way; identifying their requirements and meeting them with high quality materials and solutions.

From selling offset printing consumables, we have moved on to identifying Printer’s problems and working towards addressing them. So while we started off by selling Printing Inks, Plates and Chemicals; we now give you high end products and solutions which enable you to create exciting products after printing them. So whatever your printing material requirement, contact your Purandara representative.


Printing at its core is all about creativity. Offset Printers today are capable of printing brilliant life-like jobs whether it is commercial, publishing or packaging.

Printers of today are no more doing just Printing. They are Product Creators, and they require partners who understand what they want to do. And help them in doing it in creative manners.

At Purandara we have always wanted to be that partner. Who partner the printers by providing them an ecosystem of products and services which help them to become better “Product Creators”.

3 Decades of “Bringing Value to Print”.

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What our customers say


Purandara printer ink testimonial by Mr.G Venugopal Nair,Sterling Print House

Exceptional service quality with a personal touch

“Service excellence is a virtue of very few organisations and the one’s who exceed customer’s expectations are the ones who succeed. The team at Purandara is one of them having exceptional service quality with a personal touch. I wish team Purandara all the success.”

Mr.G Venugopal Nair / Sterling Print House P Ltd

What our customers say


Purandara printer ink testimonial by Mr. Magesh Karthik S.T.Reddiar & Sons.

Revolutionized the meaning of end to end solutions

“Its been little over a decade since i have known and been associated with the Purandara group. Purandara has really revolutionized the meaning of end to end solutions for our industry, which is why i believe they are able to sustain the association for as many years. There is always a personal touch in providing solution from its management which leaves a sense of gratitude in most cases. This is the reason why that whenever a representative from any allied industry asks me for referring a local partner i have only one name.”

Mr. Magesh Karthik / S.T.Reddiar & Sons

Pantone Colors Conventional and UV

As a quality printer you have the tough job of providing your client with accurate colors- consistently and with little margin for error. At Purandara we understand this and we believe it’s our job to help you provide this to your clients. Our Pantone color Ink Matching centres are aptly named Ink ATM’s. Where you can get Inks in the color that you require and the quantity that you require.

Accuracy and consistency of Color in your Inks – matched and mixed for you with care.

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Pantone Color Matching Inks Supplier in Ernakulam Kerala
Printing Blanket Supplier in Ernakulam Kerala


The printer’s today have lot of choices in Blankets and whatever be your requirement, we have the right brand of Blanket for you. We are pretty much a supermarket for you for your selection of Blankets.

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Plates and Chemicals

These are possibly the most critical raw materials to be used in the Offset Printing process. Usage of the right type of CTP Technology, right fountain solutions and dampening systems are central to the modern printing presses and usage of right inputs largely determine the consistency and quality of Print. We help you in selecting the right plate technology and chemistry so that you get the right mix in your printing process.

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Digital printing plate Supplier in Ernakulam Kerala
Printing inks distributor in Ernakulam Kerala

Printing Inks

Inks pretty much determine the fate of your job. For obvious reasons, the proper selection of Inks for your job can never be emphasized strongly enough. Our decades long experience with Ink trials, promotion and study have given our team an edge in helping you with the right selection of Inks for your jobs.

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Consumables and Quality Control Tools 

We provide consumables and tools for all print related needs like suckers, quality testing equipment, like PH meters, high resolution eye glasses.

Packing papers for plate cylinder and blanket cylinder packing.

Foiling films, rust blockers and washing bladed, explore more products and order.

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Consumables and Quality Control Tools Supplier in Ernakulam Kerala